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Marketing Assistant

Job role

 The Marketing Assistant will be responsible for leading and maintaining a strong online presence for our brands through content creation. Candidates should possess a keen understanding of social media marketing, with 1+ years in ecommerce. This individual should know how to develop, execute, and optimize social content across multiple channels. As a successful hire, candidates will be focused on three key points in our marketing strategy: social media, email communication, and influencer management in addition to supporting administrative projects.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Creation and planning of photo, video, and graphic content for social media post across multiple channels.
  • Focus on building our TikToK channel with creative and engaging video content daily.
  • Social community engagement: Interact with community members and customers in a professional, personable, and timely manner.
  • Foster and strengthen new relationships with key influencers within the community
  • Collaborate with marketing team and blog writers to create brand messaging for blog content on owned channels.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to create engaging email and SMS campaigns.
  • Communicate with creative firms to provide content and copy for email marketing and CRM solutions.
  • Coordinate weekly mail pick up from Austin office spaces. Scan documents to accounting/Sr. Director.
  • Assist in the coordination of administrative functions, including budget, personnel, meetings, and clerical duties.

 Job Duties

  • Reports to the Marketing Director
  • Responsible for clerical and organizational tasks like file organizing, scheduling appointments, assisting other staff members, and drafting correspondences or messages.
  • Collaborate with marketing managers on all aspects of our digital marketing department including our email and social media
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to report on campaign
  • Coordinate with advertising and media experts to improve marketing results.
  • Identify the latest trends and technologies affecting our industry.
  • Work with your team to brainstorm new and innovative growth strategies.
  • Work with the executive team to understand our vision, you will develop marketing strategies that align to business growth objectives
  • Execute email campaigns (hands-on) via our automation platform.
  • Assist with content development, including the creation of the content calendar, managing freelance writers, and creating content as required.


  • High School diploma; BSc in Marketing, Business or relevant field is a strong advantage
  • Proven experience as a marketing assistant
  • Good understanding of office management and marketing principles
  • Demonstrable ability to multi-task and adhere to deadlines
  • Well-organized with a customer-oriented approach
  • Good knowledge of market research techniques and databases
  • Proficiency with social media analytics.
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office, marketing computer software and online applications (CRM tools, Online analytics, Google Adwords etc.)
  • Willingness to roll your sleeves up and get into the day to day of category management and item launch process
  • Exemplary communication skills: you can present, write clear/concise emails, and understand the nuances of how best to communicate with different teams and people.
  • Self-directing and self-correcting, problem solver skilled at prioritization.
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to an ever-evolving environment.


To learn more about future openings please reach out to, or check back here for future updates.  

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