Why You Really Shouldn’t Overdouche

05.25.2021 - Health & Hygiene

Overdouching is an epidemic in the gay community, but it makes sense why. No one wants to be a messy bottom. Well, some guys are into it, and we are not here to kink-shame, but the rest of us want to be pristine. It’s hella annoying when you have to stop a hot sexual encounter because you shit the bed, both literally and metaphorically.

But overdouching is not the way to fix this. Our suggestion is that you really should avoid douching if at all possible.

But overdouching is not the way to fix this.

The Problem with Douching

The thing is, when you overdouche, you increase the likelihood of damaging your anal and intestinal lining, which increases the chance that you’ll get anal fissures. Lord knows we don’t want any of those. 

Oh, and ironically, the more you douche, the messier things are likely to get because when you overdouche (or use an enema) with too much volume or force, it loosens the stools that are higher up in the rectum and potentially even intestines. Unless you’re being fisted or taking a particularly long penis, this part of your inside wouldn’t have been touched during anal sex. But when you loosen the stool up there, you make it more likely that it’ll come out when getting plowed

So the key when douching is to go gently as not to squirt too high up inside of you and not use more than a bulb or two max. Then wait an hour before taking any D.

You might be wondering, “Well, what if the water isn’t running clear after a bulb or two?” It doesn’t have to be perfectly clear for you to be clean.

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Safe Alternative for Douching

But a way to really increase the likelihood that you will be clean after only a bulb? Fiber supplements, baby! When you have enough fiber in your system, it can eliminate the need to douche altogether and you can still be clean. (Fiber keeps your bowel system regular and moving, which is what you want!) If you have things lodged up there, it’s likely to come out when he starts poking around. 

Remember gays, only you can stop the overdouching epidemic that is plaguing our community. The planet will thank you (yay, saving water), and your tender bootyhole will too! 

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