National Coming Out Day: Why it Still Matters


No one asked us but the answer is yes, you should be taking a daily multivitamin.

National Coming Out Day: Why it Still Matters Attention everyone, we have something important to tell you. It may shock you, but…We are gay. What? You’re suprised? All joking aside, this Sunday marks a special day in the LGBTQ community, National Coming Out Day. While it isn’t an offical national holiday, it is a very important day for all queer people. It’s a way of telling the world that you’re not ashamed of your identity and that queer people look and act just like you. National Coming Out Day, or NCOD, takes place October 11th every year. At Pure for Men we believe in supporting our community by dedicating our time and proceeds to local and national LGBTQ+ charities while using our voice to teach acceptance of all people. Why October 11th? This day celebrates the second National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, which took place on October 11, 1987. The reason the march took place was to remind society about the positivity and unity within the queer community. If more people were aware of out and proud queer people living among them, then harmful stereotypes and laws affecting them would go away. While LGBTQ people and issues are very much at the forefront of American culture today, days like this are still very important, here are three reasons why.

It’s a celebration of diversity When different people come together, we are all stronger. Hate and homophobia thrive in silence, according to the Human Rights Council, and this day serves to bring into light and accept the differences we have. It shines a light on an important movement in history A recent poll shows that 5% of Americans identify with the LGBTQ+ community – and that’s not even counting all the allies and supporters! The movements that stand behind NCOD is working to give all these people freedom, voice, and choice in how they live their lives. It can be life-changing The decision to live your life out of the closet — truly genuine, and not hiding any aspects of your identity — is a huge step for many people around the world. NCOD can represent this new beginning, and be one of the most important days in a person’s life. We encourage everyone to show your pride this National Coming Out Day by supporting those in our community and sharing your stories. Keep being you and keep being awesome!

Until things start to pick up, make the most out of your open calendar by reconnecting with friends who you are typically too busy for.