All About Our Coconut Lube

03.29.2022 - Pure for Men

The biggest and absolutely nuttiest news of 2022 is here! No, it’s not yet another Backstreet Boys comeback tour, it’s the long-awaited relaunch of our lubes!

And since the best things come in threes, we have added a third new lube that is not only coconut-based but made with organic ingredients as well! No need to worry though, it’s still the same quality as our other lubes, just with a bit more pizzazz and natural ingredients.

If you’re still not nuts about our new Coconut-based Lube, we’re going to break it down so you can get down!

...made with organic ingredients...

Don’t Panic, It’s Made with Organic Ingredients!

Quality ingredients are quite literally our and your beeswax! No seriously, it really is, our new anal lube is made from organic beeswax, vanilla, fruit extract, and the obvious, coconut!

Although those ingredients sound like the start of a bottom-friendly cookie recipe, we promise that they all serve a purpose beyond smelling delicious.

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The coconut is the moisturizing base that can help sexy time last as long as this lube does and it’s completely safe as well! The beeswax is nature’s thickener and smells divine! The final two natural ingredients of fruit extract and vanilla help with skin-conditioning, smell, and taste!

The Same Pure Quality

Our Coconut Lube may smell and look different than our other Pure for Men lubes, but it is still the same quality that you know and love!

Just like our other USA-made lubes, this one can be easily applied for any type of play and is long-lasting. Plus, this new formula is still non-sticky, stain-free, and residue-free for a smooth and clean ride!

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While our Water-Based and Silicon-Based lubes are still the bee’s knees, our new Coconut-Based Lube is another great option if you’re looking for something more natural and better smelling. It can also have a better taste than other lubes thanks to its ingredients, but please, don’t add this to your organic diet!

The other benefit of our coconut lube is its new squeeze bottle design for quick application. The new packaging also means you can always tell the difference between your Pure for Men lubes, even in the dark!

Stay Nutty

Pure for Men is famous for its quality bottoming supplements, body care products, and anal lube made for men by men.

Our new Coconut-Based Lube is no exception! It’s the same quality that countless men have depended on, but with a new scent and design.

So, if you’re looking to stay ready with a natural lube that smells better than Bath & Body Works, try our new Coconut-based Lube!

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